Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Energy Lamp Review

Can The Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty SAD Light Lamp Do More Than Just Look Good?

Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Energy Lamp


It is not hard to see why many consumers that are looking for a light therapy device are attracted to the Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp.

This model is lightweight, at just 2lbs, and the small footprint of 13.5×6.25×2.12 inches and clean, modern design give buyers the impression that will not be too intrusive in a living room, bedroom or study.

The flexible, customisable “happylight” offers up to 10,000 LUX via a natural spectrum light and optix glare-control lenses and is also wall mountable.

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Ideally, this product is designed for mood issues, fatigue, SAD and circadian rhythm disorders but can it really help with these issues? What do sufferers have to say about this lamp?

What benefits has this Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight offered and does this design really lead to improvements in mood and fatigue?

Generally speaking, the reviews submitted by customers make this Verilux Happylight SAD lightbox sound like the ideal purchase because not only are they keen to point out some great design features, they also talk about positive results.

The intensity of the white light can take some getting used to at first – some users liken the sensation to being more like the feeling of walking into sunshine rather than the soft glow of a lamp – but that has to be seen as an advantage because this natural quality is what sufferers are looking for and apparently it is effective.

SAD sufferers have seen positive changes and some have reported a sense of withdrawal and negative effects if a day is skipped, which suggest that the intensity works just fine.

One of the more commonly mentioned advantages regarding the design is the simplicity of the product and the way that users can easily switch between the two intensity settings and change the lenses from the lower “comfort” lens to the higher intensity one.

The comfort lens has been pre-installed to make setting up the product much easier and this is also true of the tilting base, a feature that enhances the adaptability of the light by letting users position it in different ways.

In addition to this, there is an optional cover that takes the output from 10,000 to 5,000 LUX and, with 10000 hours life in the bulb and a recommended 30 minutes to a hour a day, it is unlikely that users will have to buy a replacement bulb at all.

Does this Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Energy Lamp have any potential disadvantages that users need to be aware of?

The numerous positive reports about this adaptability and the results achieved with this light suggest that it is a highly beneficial purchase; having said this, there is one major disadvantage with the design and the constant problem with all lights of this kind still remains. Getting this product set up so that it is close enough to work is tricky.

Some buyers will want to use it as a natural replacement for harsher lamps and while this is possible, it may not provide the standard of light therapy that users desire because it has to be between 6” and 24” away from the user to be effective.

Additionally, the 10 minute test that is recommended by the manufacturers is a must for all new users because of the chance of discomfort. Headaches and discomfort are common side effects with SAD lights, particularly if users have sensitivity issues, and this model has not been able to resolve this problem.

Verilux VT20WW1 SAD Lamp


Some Closing Remarks

In short, it seems as though almost everything about the design of this light therapy device has been well-considered with the arguable exception of the distance required for sessions.

As with many light therapy devices, the final desirability comes down to personal preferences and needs regarding the strength of the light and its function; some will appreciate the settings and experience great results and others will struggle with the intensity.

The issue of the optimal distance could be problematic for many users but it is worth finding a way around this if you can tolerate the light because this portable, well-designed Verilux SAD light box has the features and potential to really make a difference if you are suffering from SAD or circadian rhythm problems.

You can check out more customer reviews about this Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp at Amazon here.

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